18/11/2017 -  Gosport Boxing Club's Annual Dinner.

18/11/2017 - Thorngate Halls, Gosport, England. Gosport Boxing Club's Annual Dinner.

As a part of getting out and expanding my portfolio of work. I took the opportunity to ask a gym member, who is involved with the boxing club,  if I could come down and take pictures of the evening, they said yes!

 Now, I had never been to a boxing event before, so first of all I had to do some research. From Google and Youtube I had formed some idea of what to expect, that being poor lighting and fast changing action. 

I wasn't disappointed! The Lighting was truly terrible and consisted of 2 halogen or tungsten spot lights over the ring and a wall that was back lit with changing colours of blues and reds that restricted where i could effectively shoot from.  After the interval more lights were switched off around the ring and this really pushed the cameras ability.

I was unable to have a look at the venue before hand as it was set up only about an hour prior to the doors opening so I had to go with what I had, and from what I had learnt from my research. 

My camera equipment for the evening consisted of the following: 

2x Olympus OMD -EM1 Mk1 with HLD 7 Battery grips

Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Pro

Olympus 45mm f1.8 MSC

16gb Sandisk extreme Pro SD memory cards

My biggest concern, with the expected poor lighting, was with the cameras micro 4/3rd sensor being able to render a clean enough image. I set the ISO to auto with a max of 5000 and used shutter priority at 1/500th with the 12-40mm wide open at f2.8 and the 45mm wide open at F1.8. 

All images were captured in RAW to give me as much latitude as possible in post editing. 

I had to be careful of where I was positioned especially as paying guests were just behind me. This meant I had to keep as low as possible and I spent most of the time on my knees. Note for next time, bring the knee pads!! 

I think overall the images I kept were good. Not as sharp as I would have liked, and the sensor really struggled at ISO 5000, with colours bleeding out into surrounding pixels, especially the reds. Overall the EM-1 managed to produce some good images but only once they had been processed in Lightroom. I'm sure the new OMD-EM-1 Mk 2 will produce better images at higher ISO than the Mk1, so maybe I will get to test that out. There are also some nice wide aperture prime lenses from Olympus that would have been sweet to try, namely the 17mm f1.2, 25mm f1.2 and the 45mm f1.2.  

All images were processed in  LIGHTROOM CLASSIC CC

Images from the evening can be found by following the link above BOXING.



24/11/2017 Our Propaganda

Continuing with expanding my portfolio and trying new subjects, I asked a friend about coming to photograph a local band that they are involved with, and as the gig was local all was good to go.

So I started with looking at the band themselves.

‘Our Propaganda’ are a young energetic group of musicians. They have a really good website with lots of information including links to videos on Youtube, etc. So have a look.

Viewing their website  really gave me a feel for how the band performs and that gave me some ideas on the images I wanted to capture.

The venue itself was a large pub that had a stage/raised area for the band so viewing was ideal. But, the actual shoot didn’t go so well, and that was a combination factors. First off the lighting was terrible. A few spot lights illuminating the rear of the band and basic spinning spot lights elsewhere, which meant the stage was very dark.

I think ultimately, I was expecting too much from the Olympus OmD EM-1. It struggled to get focus, and I was pushing it to ISO 5000 and above, and on a micro 4/3rds sensor, and certainly the EM-1, low light and a high ISO is its greatest enemy.

I used the fastest lenses I had, wide open at f1.7 and 2.8, and it struggled. I did get some usable images as the light caught the lead vocalist, but not what I was looking for.

Ultimately I'm doing this to learn and see what I can get achieve with the gear that I have, so onwards and upwards and forward to the next gig!