24/11/2017 Our Propaganda

Continuing with expanding my portfolio and trying new subjects, I asked a friend about coming to photograph a local band that they are involved with, and as the gig was local all was good to go.

So I started with looking at the band themselves.

‘Our Propaganda’ are a young energetic group of musicians. They have a really good website with lots of information including links to videos on Youtube, etc. So have a look.

Viewing their website  really gave me a feel for how the band performs and that gave me some ideas on the images I wanted to capture.

The venue itself was a large pub that had a stage/raised area for the band so viewing was ideal. But, the actual shoot didn’t go so well, and that was a combination factors. First off the lighting was terrible. A few spot lights illuminating the rear of the band and basic spinning spot lights elsewhere, which meant the stage was very dark.

I think ultimately, I was expecting too much from the Olympus OmD EM-1. It struggled to get focus, and I was pushing it to ISO 5000 and above, and on a micro 4/3rds sensor, and certainly the EM-1, low light and a high ISO is its greatest enemy.

I used the fastest lenses I had, wide open at f1.7 and 2.8, and it struggled. I did get some usable images as the light caught the lead vocalist, but not what I was looking for.

Ultimately I'm doing this to learn and see what I can get achieve with the gear that I have, so onwards and upwards and forward to the next gig!